Here you can go on a guided tour through the remains of the old fortress and the town centre.


In the 17th century the fortress of Saarlouis was built following the orders of the French King Louis XIV. It was conceived as a fortress in the shape of a star by the famous architect Vauban.
Below you can see one of the trenches that could be flooded on demand. Nowadays it serves as a park for recreational activities or as a location for festivals.  


Two restored cannons are positioned at the place of the old portals to the inner town.
There is also a plate at the sandstone wall displaying the coat of arms of the town: several lilies, a cloud and the sun, which represents King Louis XIV, the so called "Sun King". 


Here is the pedestrian zone in the "Französische Straße" with many shops, ice-parlours and musicians in the summer. In the background you can see the clock tower of the city hall.

In the old part of Saarlouis, the buildings were restored to their original state. They mostly serve as cafés, Icecream-parlours, pubs and restaurants and are frequented by lots of our senior students ...



This square is called "Großer Markt" (Great Market). It is used as a market indeed, but only in the mornings. Below you can see the old post-office and the biggest department store in the town centre called "Pieper".

The town hall with its clock tower:

St. Ludwig church:


This shopping centre is called "Galerie Kleiner Markt" (Little Market Arcade) and contains various shops.



Here you can see the bus station at the "Kleiner Markt":