Welcome to the English website of our school!

Visitors speaking English may have a look at pictures of our school and the town of Saarlouis here.
We hope that the pictures and captions will give you an impression of what life at our place is like. Please note that the pictures were taken after lessons, which normally end at around one o' clock for most of the students. By the way, the roots of our school go back to about 1691. So it is closely linked to the fortress and the over 300-year-old history of Saarlouis.  

Here you can make a short visit to Saarlouis:    Here we introduce you to our grammar school:

A guided tour of  Saarlouis



Saarlouiser Gymnasium am Stadtgarten


If you want to contact our school, please write to:

Saarlouiser Gymnasium am Stadtgarten
Holtzendorfferstraße 1
66740 Saarlouis



Phone: 0049-6831-42985
Fax: 0049-6831-121412

e-Mail: info@sgs-saar.de